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Higher Education Programmes

Diploma in Information Technology (SAQA ID# 82086, NQF Level 6, Credits: 360)


This qualification offers comprehensive and detailed expertise on a wide range of Information Technology related concepts and methodologies. From the fundamentals of IT to advanced Application development this qualification will provide students with all the knowledge and skills required to excel within the ITC sector.

The comprehensive syllabus covers concepts such as End-User Applications, Software Engineering, Networking, Computer Hardware and Maintenance, Software Development (Coding), Android Application Development, Database Management Systems and Wireless communications.

Learn how to apply the latest software and hardware tools to design and implement real-world solutions for a variety of industries ranging from Small businesses to Enterprise Solutions such as CRMs and ERPs.


Diploma in PC Network Engineering (SAQA ID# 74293, NQF Level 6, Credits: 360)

This premier recognized qualification in Computer and Network Engineering is available for both Full-Time and Part-Time students using the latest computing technology and software development tools. We offer an intensive Learning Programme from Foundation to Advanced Levels. The Commerce and Computer College of South Africa incorporates comprehensive theory and practical competencies that are aligned within the NQF and the local ITC industry.

This highly competitive qualification covers the fundamentals to advanced levels of Design, Configuration and maintaining of a wide range of low to high end computing technologies, including Server Installation and Management, Installing, Configuring and Maintaining different network types, Software Development using the latest and most highly rated programming languages locally and internationally and the Design and Configuration of Cyber-Security tools.

Why study with CCSA (Pty) Ltd?

We offer programmes that are aligned with national and international equivalents, that allow students to articulate horizontally and vertically between Higher Education Institutions.

Are there practicals?
More than 50% of the course content is practical based/oriented focused on developing your understanding and skills regarding various applications and tools.

Access to Learning Resources
We boast our own physical and online library through our own applications developed by the institution. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic we host regular Webinars, Online lessons, Videos and Podcasts to assist your learning needs.